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Learn how to get what you want from the men in your life!     Order now

What women are saying about The Surefire Guide to Getting What You Need From Men:

"Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I enjoyed reading the Surefire Guide book. It stays true to it's name in that it really is a guide/roadmap for proper relationship steering. I "used" a couple of your "tips" in my relationship with Michael and they really seemed to change how I FELT and therefore how I was reacting to some stuff." ~ Eva M.


"I sat glued to my computer last night and read it all.  Great reading and full of insight and practical tips! Could recognize a number of scenarios described, with suitable advice attached - who could ask for more!" ~ Tina H.

"I got the e-book and have been reading it and it is just full of wonderful information.  I am enjoying it very much."  ~ Kim F.

"Just wanted to say I so enjoyed your book, I could really hear you talking.  I liked the stories.  Lots of great tips and insights...I am glad to know what I have been practicing is "the right stuff." ~ Hayley A.

"Thanks so much for this book. I've read most of it already, and I love it. I'm going to pass this on to other women I know." ~ Christine J.

What you will find in this book:

bulletA compilation of women's stories (and they are very open about what works, as well as what doesn't) about their quest to get their needs met by the men in their lives. 
bulletYou will also get very honest advice and feedback from men - married, divorced and single - about how they feel, and what works best with them. 
bulletTime-tested advice and guidance about what works - and what doesn't work - in getting your needs met by the men in your life.
bulletHumor and inspiration on your path to satisfying relationships with men.

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Do you have a relationship dream?  Karen Jones can help. 
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