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Do you want to
accelerate your dating success?
How about working on your A-B-Es? 
(Attitudes, Beliefs and Expectations)

I can almost guarantee that (at least) one of those could use a little tweaking!
Email me to set up a complimentary 30-minute session - we'll talk...


You have come to the right place if you:

bulletHave no idea what you are looking for in a man (easy to figure out!);
bulletWorry that it's too late for you to find someone (no way!);
bulletAre nervous about getting out there and dating (you'll have fun!);
bulletKeep attracting the wrong men (that's over!);
bulletMen don't call again after one or two dates  (the right ones will call!);
bulletYou don't know how to say "No, thanks" and move on (no problem!).

Heart Matters has helped several hundred women with these issues, and here are the ways we do that (please select a highlighted item to be taken to that section immediately):

Special Events
Resources (links to dating sites, recommended reading, other goodies)

Coaching Programs

Here's what Corinna, from MA, had to say about her three-month coaching group:

"The coaching sessions with Karen Jones have given me the confidence to believe that I can have a “scrumptious” relationship with a man.  She helped me to trust that I could accomplish my goal of becoming fully self-expressed with men, showing my passion, my joy, and my sense of humor.  Karen also helped me to gain a better understanding of my habit of caretaking, and to realize that men like to do things for women.  It’s how they show that they care.  Truly the Heart Matters, and Karen communicates that very well.  I am grateful to have found such a positive and generous coach for my relationship questions."

With the help of a coach, you can:

¯ Define more clearly what type of man/relationship is right for you;
¯ Learn negative patterns, so that you don't repeat them;
¯ Have fun with the dating process, while being productive;
¯ Be able to say "No, thanks" easily, to the wrong men;
¯ Feel supported, celebrated, uplifted, motivated, and courageous;
¯ Have the confidence and trust that you can have what you want!

To find out whether coaching is right for you, and to see whether or not there is a good fit between us, please email me to schedule a complimentary "Getting Acquainted" 30 minute call: karen@theheartmatters.com.

Individual Work

Individual coaching (over a short or extended period of time), may be your best option if you want one-on-one, personalized attention and guidance.  Our work is done over the phone and through email, and is scheduled based on your needs: weekly, bi-weekly or any other schedule that serves you best. 

30 minute session - Sign Up Now

Group Work

The beauty of doing group coaching is that you learn so much more when you are with other women who are also working through similar issues. 

Please email Karen if you'd like to participate in a group (they get set up once enough women are interested): karen@theheartmatters.com


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What women are saying about their work with Karen:


"You have helped me discover very deep parts of
myself that I was not revealing to the world.
You have a god-given gift of intuition and wisdom
about people. It is almost scary sometimes.
I trust you with my life."
~ Maureen, single


"You truly helped me because I thought I was a hopeless case.."
~ Lisa, single for a very long time, now dating a great man


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Do you have a relationship dream?  Karen Jones can help. 
Call: (978) 557-9993 or email: karen@theheartmatters.com

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